Stuart Akerman, MD: Virtual Office Visits

A Virtual Office Visit may be an alternative option to meet with Dr. Akerman and is available to some patients, subject to insurance approval. Patients should contact the office to schedule a virtual visit either via the appointments tab, or by calling 972-265-3406 / 972-265-3379. 

Types of visits that may be included: 

  • Follow up visits for patients located a significant distance from our Preston Office - save the travel time!

  • Follow up visits for patients who may require flexible scheduling due to work hours

  • Patients providing a clinical update after a recent office visit

  • Consultations for procedures in patients who are located within Texas, but are located a significant distance from our Preston Office

  • Pre-operative visits for patients referred from another DHAT provider, who had recently been evaluated by their referring gastroenterologist 

Important Information for Virtual Visits - Checking In

1. If you are using a phone, kindly restart the phone before logging in. If you are using a computer, please discontinue any programs running in the background, or completely restart the computer to discontinue any background running processes. This will allow for the best optimization of audio and video. 

2. You must use a computer or phone/tablet device with a camera and microphone

    a. For PC/Mac users, the supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox, or Safari

    b. For Android users, the supported browser is Chrome

    c. For iPhone/iPad users, the supported browser is Safari

3. Click the above link to enter the Waiting Room, or navigate to    

4. Allow permissions for your browser to use your camera and microphone (VERY IMPORTANT!)

5. Type in your name and click "Check In". There is no need need to download any software, no need to register on the site, and the site is HIPAA compliant

6. MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN A PRIVATE AREA WITH A STABLE INTERNET CONNECTION (for example in a room or closed office; not driving in a car, sitting in a cafe, etc)

7. Dr. Akerman will begin the visit

Other Tips:
  • Please check that you can log in and use your microphone/camera atleast 24 hours prior to your visit to avoid missing your appointment
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection
  • Make sure you are in a quiet/private area without any significant background noise so that you will be able to speak with Dr. Akerman, and your personal information will not be overheard. 
  • Test your microphone and camera while you are in the Virtual Waiting Room
  • Please restart your device before the visit to reduce any background processes that may slow down your connection
  • Need Help? You can contact the support team at , and click in the bottom right corner


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