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Pancreatic Cancer Screening Plano, Dallas, Firsco, McKinney

Pancreatic Cancer Screening

Are you eligible for screening?

The goal of any successful screening program is to identify asymptomatic individuals (those patients who do not have any symptoms) at risk for a particular disease, and to evaluate for any potential abnormalities that can be intervened upon at an early juncture in time. 

Pancreatic Cancer is currently the 4th most common cause of cancer deaths annually in the United States. While we do not have established guidelines in place for the general population in regards to screening, there is ongoing research and consensus recommendations from Europe regarding identification and Screening of those individuals identified at higher lifetime risk. 

The purpose of the Screening Form is to aid in identifying those individuals at higher risk for development of Pancreatic Cancer, in order to provide a discussion regarding risk and potential screening strategies. At this time there is no guarantee of insurance coverage for testing, however for those individuals deemed appropriate for screening after review and consultation in office, we will submit all documentation to your insurer to inquire regarding eligibility for various screening strategies. Those individuals identified to be at elevated lifetime risk for development of pancreatic cancer may be enrolled in screening and surveillance programs. Screening is typically offered beginning at age 50, or 10 years earlier than the age at diagnosis of the youngest affected relative. 

At the time of consultation you may be asked to participate in research studies related to our screening program. This is a a valuable opportunity for our program to collect data regarding demographics, risks, and outcomes. If you choose not to participate in the research portion, this will not impact your ability to be enrolled in screening if clinically appropriate. 

Our office is proud to join you as a partner in your health care.  We have an extensive network of affiliate Surgical and Medical Oncologists, Radiologists, and Geneticists that we work with to provide a 360 degree level of care. We are part of the National Pancreas Foundation Center of Excellence located at Medical City Plano in Plano, TX. 

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