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Welcome to the Videos page for Stuart Akerman, MD. Dr. Akerman has been voted a Best Gastroenterologist in Dallas by D Magazine. Here you will find videos with information regarding procedures he performs such as endoscopy, colonoscopy Plano, and hemorrhoid treatment Plano, as well as short clips of interesting findings. 

Informational Videos

Want to know how an Upper Endoscopy (EGD) is performed?

Upper Endoscopy

Ever wonder how a colonoscopy is performed? Check out this video


Understanding a Good Colon Prep vs Bad Colon Prep

Colonoscopy Prep, Risks, & Benefits

Understanding a Good Colon Prep from a Bad Prep

Want to know what you can do about your internal hemorrhoids? Schedule a visit to discuss hemorrhoid banding today

Internal Hemorrhoid Treatment (Courtesy of CRH O'Reagan)

Video Clips

A short clip showing gastric ulcers on endoscopy

Gastric (Stomach) Ulcers

removal of a large polyp during colonoscopy

Large Colon Polyp

Video for dilation of a esophageal stricture (narrowing)

Esophageal Narrowing

removal of a flat polyp during colonoscopy using a lift and cut technique

Flat Colon Polyp

video of a ultrasound biopsy of a stomach growth

Gastric (Stomach) Growth

video of sampling under ultrasound of a pancreatic cyst

Pancreatic Cyst

video of a stool transplant (upper route)

Fecal Transplant (FMT)

Video demonstrating stent placement to drain a large pancreatic pseudocyst

Large Pseudocyst Drainage

colon cancer found on colonoscopy

Rectal Bleeding - Colon Mass

video of endoscopic removal of foreign body

Foreign Body Removal

video demonstrating large bile duct stone broken by laser and removed

Bile Duct Stone Removal with Laser 

Video demonstrating treatment of a duodenal ulcer

Duodenal Ulcer


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