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Stuart Akerman, MD - Top-rated Gastroenterologist (GI) in Plano, Frisco, Mckinney, and Dallas, TX

Offering Gastroenterology consultation, treatment, and expertise in Plano, Frisco, Dallas, Mckinney, Allen, Carrollton, TX

General Gastroenterology

Helping You Feel Your Best

I am excited to connect with a new patient to listen and help them to identify and treat their gastrointestinal illnesses. Whether you are suffering from heartburn, bloating, nausea, diarrhea, or a host of other symptoms, the first step in feeling better may be discussing those symptoms with a gastroenterologist.

Cancer Screening & Prevention

Taking Care of You

Even today, GI cancers are still a major cause for concern. Thankfully, potentially life-saving screenings can be performed for colon, stomach, pancreas, and liver cancers. 

Our practice offers appropriate testing based on your personal / family history for detection and prevention. If  a GI cancer diagnosis happens, we will be there with you to coordinate with a team of physicians focused on your specific treatment and well-being.

Advanced Endoscopy & Therapeutics

The Care You Deserve

Sometimes GI diseases can be complex and scary. We are here to help you understand the disease process  and guide you through the appropriate treatment. Our practice may even work with your outside gastroenterologist to help you with an advanced procedure. We offer a variety of diagnostic, therapeutic, and even palliative procedures including Endoscopic Ultrasound, ERCP, Cholangioscopy, stent placement, Hemorrhoid Banding Plano, celiac plexus neurolyis, fiducial placement, and others.

When my patients need an advanced  or complex endoscopic procedure, I refer them to Stuart Akerman, MD who is one of the few area gastroenterologists trained in these procedures, and one of the Top Gastroenterologists in Plano, TX

Dr. Kenneth Brown, MD

Do You Have Questions About Endoscopy or Colonoscopy? Click Over To The Videos Page!

Stuart Akerman, MD has been a trusted resource for GI patients in the Dallas-Fort Worth and surrounding areas for several years. He has expertise in many gastrointestinal diseases and endoscopic procedures. Read more on his bio page, reviews page, and procedures page. 

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